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We offer customer friendly Live Support facility to our site visitors as a complementary option. This facility is provided as available as possible basis. This service is for Pre-sales queries and customer with Premium service Plan. Reseller Box live chat services are provided to help users as they navigate through applicable web pages (applicable pages are those with the live chat button appearing on them).
Live chat support staff cannot assist with requests that are specific to your accounts, or any information that requires verification to disclose. Technical support if any will also be limited to Level 1 concerns, in which the support staff can guide you to Knowledgebase/Tutorial.

  • Live Support button is available on bottom-right side of web pages on this website which enable visitor to initiate chat feature on click.
  • Live Support shall be available between 10am to 6pm (IST) Mon-Sat except any holiday in India.
  • Only Level 1 issues will be accepted in Technical Support department for Premium Plan customers. For all other questions/query, customers are requested to raise Helpdesk ticket. In other words, any question/query or issue which is not complex and does not require system administrator check should only be reported/handled through Live Support channel.
  • Live Support should not be used for Payment tracking, Cancellation, Refund or similar concerns. Customers are requested to raise helpdesk ticket for such concerns by sending email to Billings with registered email address. We pride to respond within same business day (in 90% cases within a hour or so!) instead of keeping you waited for day(s).
  • Existing tickets should not be escalated or referred using Live Support option as in most of the case we are already aware of the ticket or concern discussed and working on the same.

Please do not share your account username, password, bank details, credit card information on Live Support channel. Doing so is solely at your own risk.

Any commitments or quotation given through Live Support channel are not deemed valid. Please ask for official quotation in concern to your request for details on price or technical feature.

Hemant Sharma Digital Marketing Consultant & Trainer