Free Migration – Features and Policy

September 18, 2017

Thinking of changing your web hosting provider but not sure how to migrate data?

We make website transfer easy for our new customers coming from any other reseller hosting company in delhi india. We will handle entire process of transferring web site content. The only requirement is that your site must be hosted on cPanel server. Please contact our Support Team and we will be in your assistance!

On Linux, only cPanel accounts can be moved with a limited number of disk size, generally 4GB.
We shall do our best to migrate account which is above 4GB and dynamic in nature, however, the same is not guaranteed.
On Windows, only Plesk accounts are migrated with 3GB disk size. Backup facility must be activated on your account.
There is limit on number of accounts which can be migrated. This generally depends on the package user is or has purchased.
Extra accounts migratation will be chargeable.