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We offer a one-stop platform which allows you, your Sub-Resellers and your Customers to buy, sell and manage various gTLD and ccTLD Domain Names. Our domain registration service includes fabulous features and our provided system allows you to manage your customers effortlessly!

Wide range of TLDs. FREE DNS Service. FREE Domain/Mail Forwarding. FREE Privacy Protection. Bulk Tools. White labeled Domain Registration. Lowest Prices.


Domain Price List

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COMRs.750Rs.750Rs.7501-10 yrs15 days30 days
NETRs.950Rs.950Rs.9501-10 yrs15 days30 days
ORGRs.950Rs.950Rs.9501-10 yrs15 days30 days
INRs.850Rs.850Rs.8501-10 yrs15 days30 days
.CO.IN(Others)Rs.590Rs.590Rs.5901-10 yrs15 days30 days
BIZRs.890Rs.890Rs.8901-10 yrs15 days30 days
INFORs.890Rs.890Rs.8901-10 yrs15 days30 days
CORs.1650Rs.1650Rs.16501-10 yrs15 days30 days
WEBSITERs.1650Rs.1650Rs.16501-10 yrs15 days30 days
USRs.850Rs.850Rs.8501-10 yrs15 days30 days
NAMERs.850Rs.850Rs.8501-10 yrs15 days30 days
TVRs.2500Rs.2500Rs.25001-10 yrs15 days30 days
MOBIRs.1650Rs.1650Rs.16501-10 yrs15 days30 days
ASIARs.1200Rs.1200Rs.12001-10 yrs15 days30 days

Fully Brandable Storefront & Domain Dashboard

Easily Manage your Customers and Sub-Resellers. FREE Fully-Customizable Storefront to Sell. Completely White Labelled Program. Pre-Integrated Payment Gateways. Marketing Collaterals to Help You Sell. Business Day Email Support!


Simply login to your Reseller Box control panel to register an domain name of your choice. It’s easy & fast!


Similar to domain Registration, you could login to your account control panel to file domain transfer request!


Domain management and related features are kept in single page to make it comfortable for you to do it!

Domain Names FAQ

Our Domain Reseller Program has been created exclusively for Resellers to reach out and build their own brand with their own Customers. Your Customers are yours and since this is a private-labelled program, we have no access to your Customer database.

We follow an Advance Deposit system, wherein you need to maintain an Advance Account with us. Every time your Customer makes a purchase, Funds will be deducted from this advance account of yours (your Current Debit Account Balance). In order to start reselling, you will have to make an initial deposit that is fully useable.

The initial deposit, or any Funds that you add to your Advance Account with us are fully usable by you to buy Domain Name Products and Services. Also, the deposit isn’t time bound. This means, you can use it all up at any point of time in the future to buy any of our Products and Services.

While that’s not necessary but it’s recommended that you keep your account funded so that you could have amount available to register or renew an domain in the need or urgency.

Once you exhaust your initial deposit, you can refill your Account with any desired amount as and when required.

Normally, Account activation takes somewhere about 4-24 hours. Our business hours are 10am to 7pm IST (Mon-Sat). All services and support pertaining to Domain Reseller Account will be handled and managed during this period only. Funds which are transferred during off-hours, shall be added in next available business hours only. We require an notification to be sent to our email account with your payment transaction and domain reseller ID details.

In case you do not have funds in your Reseller Account, and your Customer places an order, the order will be under ‘Pending Execution’ status. The order will be executed once you add the required amount of Funds.

Yes, you have to pay newly effective GSTIN tax on all Domains and other related services.

Our only mode in supporting this service and program is through Email / Helpdesk. We normally respond within few hours, however, our operation is limited during business hours only. Our business hours are 10am to 7pm IST (Mon-Sat).

Important Notices

  • Domain name prices are subject to change with or without any notice due to that fact that the price depends on currency exchange cost and registry prices
  • Many time selected domain name extensions are offered with more discounted promo prices. Existing resellers can check promos from their control panel
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